Terms & Conditions

Effective Date: 04/10/2023


Welcome to Repnovo! By engaging with our platform, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined below. Kindly review them carefully.

Acceptance of Terms

Upon accepting these Terms and Conditions, you confirm:

  • Your understanding that the Repnovo Service activation is effective upon the receipt of your account credentials via email.
  • Your acceptance of all provisions in this document, including economic terms and conditions.


For a clear understanding, here are some key definitions:

  • Subscription: The period when you, as a customer, use Repnovo Platform Services after completing registration and paying the monthly fee.
  • Customer Account: Your primary account to manage your Subscription.
  • User or User Account: Licenses with limited functionality activated by the Customer Account.
  • Attachment(s): Documents with legal force available on the Repnovo Site, including privacy and cookie policies.
  • Activity: Your business activities managed within your Client Account.
  • Carousel: A horizontal interface mode for using the Widget feature to display the 15 most recent reviews.
  • Request Support: A support service provided through “Hubspot” for resolving support-related inquiries.
  • Customer(s): Individuals or entities using Repnovo services for business activities.
  • Repnovo: Our headquarters in Miami FL, USA. Support email: support@repnovo.com. General inquiries email: info@repnovo.com.
  • Feed: A vertical interface mode for using the Widget feature to expose the 15 most recent reviews.
  • Features: Functionalities accessible through the Repnovo App.
  • Integrations: A feature allowing the import of Public Reviews from third-party sites.
  • Interested parties: Your customers or users invited to review your Activity.


These Terms and Conditions and associated Annexes govern the relationship between Repnovo and Clients. Acceptance of these terms is a prerequisite for initiating the Free Trial and activating the Subscription.

Operation of the Service Description

Repnovo operates in the IT sector, offering you the ability to manage and aggregate Public Reviews. Utilize Integrations to handle and display reviews on your site via Widgets. You can also interact with Interested Parties and automate the review collection process.


  • Feedback Manager: Monitor and analyze the flow of Public Reviews.
  • My Activity: Manage your Activities and Integrations.
  • Send Links: Request reviews from Interested Parties via email, SMS, and/or WhatsApp.


By completing the Form, you affirm your agreement to these Terms and Conditions, Annexes, and regulations. Repnovo may send information via email and/or SMS to facilitate the use of the Service.

Last Updated: 09/10/2023