Elevate your online credibility effortlessly with our platform that seamlessly integrates customer feedback and reviews. Unlock a new level of trust and reputation for your brand.

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Features and Benefits

Request Reviews

Easily collect reviews via SMS, Email, WhatsApp, QR Code, and widgets. Streamline your review process and engage effortlessly across various platforms.

Review Sharing

Effortlessly share reviews on popular social platforms. Amplify your positive feedback and enhance your online presence with just a few clicks.


Track your improving online reputation with a focus on key Review Funnel metrics: Invites Sent, New Public Reviews, Negative Feedback, Unique Visits, and more.


Explore our Integration Hub. Connect with various platforms to Display, receive, and respond to reviews.


Boost trust and conversions by displaying reviews on your website using our widgets. Easily manage and customize widgets.

AI Reply

AI-generated response suggestions for reviews received from integrated review platforms.

QR Code

Unique QR code for your business! Place it on merchandise or share it with customers to effortlessly generate reviews through your personalized and branded review funnel.


Stay informed effortlessly with Repnovo’s Notifications feature. Get alerts for new reviews, negative feedback, video testimonials, and customer replies to feedback requests.

Customer Support

Experience top-notch support with complimentary onboarding, along with 7-day chat and email assistance. Your success is our commitment.

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